Top 10 Questions About Burial Insurance With COPD 

What are The top 10 questions Americans are asking about burial insurance with COPD? Read further to learn more about Final Expense Life Insurance and the difficulties of getting coverage with COPD.

What do Americans that suffer from COPD need to know about shopping for final expense life insurance? What should they expect to pay? Will there be limitations placed on them because of a COPD diagnosis? Will the rates be higher? Can we even be insured? While the questions aren’t endless. We’ll try to provide answers to todays most asked questions about the process of acquiring burial insurance with COPD.

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#1 Can I still get burial insurance with a COPD diagnosis?

The good news is yes! Here at Senior Legacy we can still get you qualified for burial/life insurance even after being diagnosed with COPD. Call us or fill out our brief form here on site and we’ll get to work for you on a policy that will cover you regardless of how bad your condition is.

#2 Will I have to visit a medical facility?

No you will not have to visit a Dr Office or any other type of medical facility. We can get you insured without you ever having to leave the comfort of your home. Final expense life insurance or what is commonly referred to as burial insurance doesn’t’ require a doctor’s visit.

#3 Will a Doctor or Nurse have to visit me at my residence?

No, we nor our Insurance Carriers will be sending any medical professionals to your home for any testing or physical types of checks on you. You do not have to give blood, take a physical, run or walk on a tread mill, or do a breathing test. Everything can be done with a simple phone call to our agency.

#4 If I buy a burial insurance policy from you, will my rates go up over time?

No! If we sign you up with a policy from any of our carriers the payments are referred to as “level”. Meaning that the payments never change over the life of the policy. They do not increase with time no matter how long you live. Nor do they decrease. They simply never change. This makes budgeting for them easier which is important.

“If you don’t get started you’ll never get there!” (Unknown)

#5 Does my coverage go down if my COPD worsens?

No. The dollar amount of your coverage never decreases under any circumstances. EXAMPLE: If you take out a $10,000 burial policy and hold it for 4 years then pass away. The policy pays $10,000 to your assigned beneficiary to apply to your final expenses including burial costs. So the answer is an emphatic no. Your benefits never decrease regardless of your health.

#6 If I’m diagnosed with a new ailment other than COPD such as lung cancer will that cause my payment to go up?

No, once your policy is in place  the insurance carrier cannot come back and charge you more money just because you’ve gotten older or developed a new condition in addition to having COPD. Your payments will never go up, and your coverage will never go down due to anything related to your health or lifestyle.

#7 Can I get Burial/Life Insurance Coverage if I’m on oxygen?

Yes, it’s not uncommon for people suffering from COPD to be prescribed oxygen. And we have carriers that cover people that are on oxygen therapy.

#8 Can I wait to get coverage and get a better deal?

In all likelihood no. COPD does not go away, it’s a permanent condition. If you have new medicines prescribed or are diagnosed with a more severe stage of COPD than your initial diagnosis you could see any newly quoted rates higher than you initially received. Or an example might be if you’re Dr prescribes oxygen whereas before your condition was not severe enough to need it you would almost be guaranteed to have a higher premium than the initial quote before you were prescribed oxygen.

#9 What happens if I stop making my payments on my policy?

When payments stop the policy is canceled. Like all things in life we only get what we pay for.

10# How much will my burial/life insurance cost?

There’s no way we can know without first speaking with you. Although you’re not required to make a Dr visit or get a physical. A certain amount of information has to be submitted to the agency underwriters before they can give us a reliable quote. Now would be a great time to either call us or fill out the form here on our site. One of our certified representatives will call you at a time that’s convenient for you. Then and only then can we work on getting you an accurate quote.


#11 Can I buy my policy over the phone?

Yes! We can handle your needs over the phone. Modern technology now allows us to handle the entire process virtually. All you need is a phone and we can get your policy and everything concerning it set up digitally. Most clients are pleasantly surprised that we can take them from no policy to having a quality policy in place in under 30 minutes. And that includes everything! Now would be a great time to either call us or fill out the form here on our site. One of our certified representatives will call you at a time that’s convenient for you. Then and only then can we work on getting you an accurate quote.

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