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Here at Senior Legacy Life Insurance we are Final Expense and Burial Insurance experts. Our easy to qualify for life insurance programs don’t require a Doctors visit for approval. In addition there are no in home visits by nosy health care professionals. If you’ve had past issues with your health we can still get you approved. To get started you simply answer a few questions about your history and we’ll handle it from there. Peace of mind is closer than you think!

By touching "Get Free Quote" you agree to have a Senior Legacy agent reach out to you by phone, text or email. You also agree to our privacy policy/terms and conditions. We will message you at the phone number & email you provide. Consent isn’t a condition to purchase our products.

Local Professionals

Professional life insurance agents are here to help get you qualified through the greatest final expense plans in America, we work for you and get you the best deal possible.

Save Over 50%

After reviewing your information our team of agents will get you the best price with the best company. We only work with the top rated carriers in America.

Fast Response

We know that time is important, that’s why we handle your request in a prompt manner. You will be contacted by one of our licensed professionals in 24 hours or less.

  • No Medical Examination Required

  • We Cover Tobacco Users

  • Fast Easy Claims Processing

  • Pre Existing Conditions Qualify 

  • The Payments Never Increase

  • The Benefits Never Decrease

Why Choose Senior Legacy?

Flexible Appointments

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We offer both in person and telephone appointments where our representatives can help you get the coverage you need. You tell us when and where, and we’ll be there to get you covered.

Licensed & Certified

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Each of our life insurance agents are licensed and certified by local state governments. What does that mean for you? Here at Senior Legacy Life Insurance, you will always speak with an expert.

#1 Rated Reviews

Life Insurance by Phone

Our life insurance customers are family. You’ll receive 5 star service from everyone on our team, you can call, text, email or even stop in to speak with us at anytime. We’re here to serve you.

Trained Colleagues

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All of our colleagues go through a detailed training course that ensures the highest level of professional service to each of our customers. Someone is always here to answer your questions.

Personal Agent

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You’ll have your own personal, certified life insurance agent to work with. This representative will be there to help you with your policy, answer questions or make changes as  you need them.

By touching "Get Free Quote" you agree to have a Senior Legacy agent reach out to you by phone, text or email. You also agree to our privacy policy/terms and conditions. We will message you at the phone number & email you provide. Consent isn’t a condition to purchase our products.

Final Expense Life Insurance

Final Expense is a form of life insurance, particularly whole life. These policies cover expenses that arise when someone passes away, ensuring that family members and loved ones don’t have a financial burden placed on their shoulders. Contact us today to make sure you have enough.

Burial Insurance = Life Insurance

Burial insurance is whole life insurance, this type of policy takes care of all costs associated with the passing of a loved one. Do you have enough life insurance? Many seniors who have a burial policy don’t have enough coverage. Speak with a life insurance professional today for a policy review of your existing plan.

Trusted Insurance Companies

Our vetting process is very detailed. Each life insurance company that we work with has been specifically chosen based on their customer reviews. We also make sure that these companies have the best products for customers who want to purchase burial insurance. Rates, qualifications, customer service & claim processing are also taken into consideration. We only work with the best companies in America.

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National Insurance Producer Registry
Kentucky Department of Insurance

The statements made on this website that pertain to any aspect of life insurance are informational in nature and are for general description purposes only. Senior Legacy Life Insurance, LLC is not a life insurance company, we are a life insurance agency. This website does not make any representations that coverage does or does not exist for any particular claim or loss, under any policy. If you submit an application for a life insurance quote through this site we or one of our designated representatives will act as the agent of the insurance company offering the coverage and will follow up with you to complete the transaction. Quotes supplied through this website are not firm quotes or offers, but are estimates based on information provided or publicly available from participating insurance companies and the information supplied by you. Insurance coverage cannot be bound or changed via submission of any online form/application provided on this site or otherwise, email, voice mail, fax nor any social media page. No binder, insurance policy, change, addition, and/or deletion to insurance coverage goes into effect unless and until confirmed directly by a licensed agent. All guaranteed acceptance plans with no health questions will be subject to the insurer’s defined waiting period before benefits become payable under the policy provisions.

Types of Life Insurance

  • Final Expense is specifically designed for customers who want to cover their costs when they die. This can include but not limited to casket, funeral arrangements, paying off large bills or leaving a gift to a loved on.
  • Burial Insurance is another word for final expense. These policies take care of all the costs associated with a traditional burial or cremation plan. This plan eliminates the financial burden on your family when you pass.
  • Whole Life is a specific type of life insurance. This plan is greatest for those on a fixed income due to it’s locked in rates, and benefits that never decrease. This coverage is a very straight forward option for senior citizens.
  • Term Life offers higher face values in the upwards access of 100,000 or more. These life insurance policies have different provisions that can cause the payments to increase after a certain amount of years. However, the coverage with these policies are significantly higher than Whole Life.
  • Mortgage Protection offers a security to new homeowners, or those who have purchased real estate. In the event that the insured dies, this plan will pay for the remaining balance on the mortgage in monthly installments, or one lump sum.
  • Paid Up Insurance offers a higher payment than a typical life insurance policy, after a set amount of years determined in the policy, the customer is no longer required to make policy payments. This option is best for clients looking to plan for the future.
  • Level Benefit ensures day one coverage,  if you qualify. That means if you pass away a month later after the policy is in force, the life insurance company pays out 100% of the face value. Sounds like a great deal!
  • Graded Benefit is still a great option, the benefits are graded with 30% in the first year and 70% in the second. After the full second  year the insurance company gives you the full face amount.
  • Modified Benefit these plans are for candidates who the insurance company finds to be more of a risk. During the first two years of this plan, clients are offered benefits, but only with a return of premium for the first 24 months.
  • Guaranteed Acceptance offers coverage without answering health questions. Regardless of any type of preexisting conditions, medications, etc. This guaranteed issue policy will require higher premiums and a two year waiting period.

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Senior Legacy Life Insurance Customer Testimonials 

“The representative was very informative about the insurance quotes and materials. She was professional and very courteous in representing the company. I would highly recommend her to other prospects.”

Vivian Purdy

“I was able to get verification for insurance policy my cousin that died. Very fast. Just sent a copy by email of the death certificate and the check was released for payment. I will be contacting them for my insurance as well.”

Sandra Greene